History of Caleb Calvin & Elizabeth (Nutter) Cochran

Caleb Calvin3 Cochran (Samuel W.2, Thomas  B.1) was born Henry County  Indiana, Dec. 16, 1856.  Caleb died Sept 6, 1918, St. Joseph, MO., at 61 years of age.  His body was interred Guilliams Cemetery, Sept 1918, Craig, MO. (abt 2 mile East & 2-3 N of Craig)

He married Elizabeth Jane Nutter, Barada, NE., Jan 1, 1884.  Elizabeth was born Elwood, KS., Nov. 20, 1864.  Elizabeth was the daughter of William Webb Nutter and Arematha Mavety.  Elizabeth died May 31, 1948 Falls City, NE., at 83 years of age.  Her body was interred June, 1948 Rulo, NE., Rulo Cemetery.  

A very religious person, any one staying at her house overnight, had to say their prayers.  She was still working on her farm after she was in her seventies.  Loved to fish.  Merril says:  Grandma Cochran lived in Missouri across the river from Rulo, NE., near Fortescue MO., and every time the river raised, she had water in her house about knee deep.  (Editor's Note: I can remember going to her house, with my parents, with a team of horses and a wagon and moving her out of her house as the river was coming up over the road. - DelC)

She loved to fish and I stayed there a couple of weeks and rowed the boat for her, aunt Mary's oldest daughter Laura, was there and grandma had us out at 10:00 at night catching locust (grasshoppers) for catfish bait.

Elizabeth "Jane" had very interesting ancestors, with her father's relatives being here since 1660, and her Mothers family since early 1700's.  Their story is in the reports of the Nutter's and Mavity's.  Caleb and Elizabeth established their home in Elwood Kansas in 1884 and lived there for one year, where their first child, Jesse Lee was born.  Caleb worked on the Missouri River.  In 1885 they Moved to Richardson County, NE., where he bought 10 acres of land east of Barada, NE., where the rest of their children were born.  The youngest son who, was born at Elwood Kansas and died at 9 days of age.  He was born Aug. 19 and died 10 days later Aug. 29, of blood poison.

In 1904 they sold the farm and Moved back to Elwood KS, where he again found employment on the river.  In about 1907, they bought a 40 acre fruit farm in Holt County, MO, near Craig.  Caleb was a stone mason and built Most of the sidewalks in Craig, MO.  He also built bridges in Holt County.  He was never satisfied to stay in one place very long, Moving to western NE, back to Missouri , and back to NE.  (Told by Nellie Vogele to Ray Crowe)

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