History of: Samuel W. Cochran, II, Son of Samuel W. & Minerva Cochran


Samuel W. Cochran, II, b. about 1853, Blackford Co., IN., died (Unknown)

Middle name of Samuel W. Cochran is unknown, he may or may not be a Jr.

      Keith Cochran, grandson of Leander, wrote the following;


   Samuel Jr., is even more of a mystery than his father.  My brother, Richard, has 

          heard  at least three stories;


          1). The Palmer records say that he died at age 19, while still in bondage. 

2). Then there is a story that Stein Palmer went back to IN. and got the boys 

      released, then brought them back to Barada in later years.

          3). The third story is that he ran away from bondage, came to Barada in later years

                and then returned to IN.  My oldest brother, Richard, says as follows, "I  

                remember my dad speaking of an Uncle Sam Cochran.  We went to Falls City  

                once when I was young.  Grandpa went along and we saw a man they called  

                Uncle Sam.  He was very old and I never did understand what the trip was about."  


     We now know he came to Barada and lived in Richardson County for most of his life.  


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