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Descendents of 
Farris Clark

Not much is known about Farris CLARK.  He may have been born in PA and he most likely died in Allamakee County, IA., after 1870.  Farris married Elizabeth JONES before 1863.  Elizabeth was born in PA.  She died unknown.  Farris and Elizabeth had the following children:

Jasper CLARK born in 1863 in Eureka Township, Adair County, IA.

Jesse (Jess) Grant CLARK born on Apr 04 1870 in Allamakee County, Ia.


After Farris died, Elizabeth married Elmer Decker.  Elmer was born Saul Centre, Minn., unk.

Elizabeth Jones and Elmer Decker had at least the following child:

Alameda Alma Decker, born Dec 26, 1876, Salina Kansas.  Alameda died unknown in Nemaha County, NE.  Her name was either Alameda or Alma Decker, and she married Fred Jenkins in Nemaha Co. NE. and they lived in Auburn, Ne., where they both died.  They had several children, one was a boy named Riley and a girl named Cecil, who married Faye H. Barker.  In a newspaper clipping of the death of Mrs. Fred Jenkins, it states she was Alma Decker, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Jones), and she was born in Salina Kansas.

Family folklore says: Jesse Clark (Son of Farris) and his family were in route to relocate from Adair County, IA., to some point in central/western NE or KS about 1915, and while crossing the Missouri River from Aspinwall, MO. to St. DeRoin NE. on a ferry, one of their two oxen bolted from the ferry into the river and was lost.  Upon searching for the oxen, they found it deceased and washed up on a sandy waste bar on the NE. side of the river, just south of the Indian Cave.  Thus, not being able to travel any further with just one ox, they took up residence on the waste bar, which later became known as Clark Island.  That waste bar, which is of considerable acreage, is some of the most valuable farm land in the state, and would sell upwards of 3K an acre at 2002 prices, if it was for sale that is.  (Click here for an article on Clark Island)

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Clark’s Buried in Blackford County, IN.


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